Catholic Engaged Encounter is a wonderful gift to give your fiance and yourself or an engaged couple you know. Through the years most of the couples that attended our weekends left having had the experience of a lifetime. Take a few moment to enjoy some of the wonderful comments they share with us about our weekends.
I truly believed this has helped both my fiance and myself grow as a couple and individually.
We came into the weekend with some uneasiness and walked away with strength and unity and clear direction for the path we intend to take.
I really enjoyed the weekend. I gained more perspective on married life from hearing from the couples presenting. I got closer with my fiance and got to have some peaceful time away from work and the many distractions of everyday life.
I gained a deeper understanding of the commitment of marriage and the tools we can use to overcome inevitable challenges. I also learned a lot about my fiance and how our strengths and weaknesses balance each other so well. I am also leaving with a strong confidence in our bond and happy outlook into the future.
I wanted to deepen our relationship and understanding of each other and we definitely accomplished that. I thought we had already talked about everything, but I was wrong. We had some meaningful conversations, particularly about our approach to religion and faith.
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